2020 Daily Photo Challenge

The "daily photo challenge," at its core, constitutes capturing a photograph every day for an entire year. Photos must be taken on their respective day; for example, you cannot use a photo from January 1st on January 2nd. This results in 365 straight days of unique imagery!

I successfully completed the daily photo challenge in two consecutive years (2016 and 2017, my second and third years doing photography). Shooting photos every day for 731 straight days was a great way to rapidly improve my "eye," especially early on in my career. But at the end of those two years, I was a bit burnt out. I felt like I was shooting just to shoot, and often uploading crap for the sake of uploading -- just to get it done. Part of the challenge was that I required myself to upload each day's image to Instagram by midnight.

So, for my 2020 challenge, I won't be requiring myself to publish them publicly on social media every day. For the most part, they’ll be uploaded to this gallery by midnight daily, but this will not be a hard requirement (although the photos will still be captured each day, as that’s the point of the challenge). This removes the pressure of feeling like I have to create the best content possible every day, and, doesn't force a plethora of non-spaceflight content onto my audience who follows me primarily for spaceflight photography.

We'll see if I can keep up -- no promises! But, for now, I'm along for the ride.

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