2020 spaceflight calendar

Thank you for your interest in ordering my 2020 calendar. Each calendar is 11" x 14" and costs $30 + $10 for processing & shipping.

At this time, only U.S. shipping is available. Please do not order a calendar if you intend to ship it outside the U.S.!

The ordering method is a bit untraditional, so please make sure you read this section carefully.

Ordering process:

 -  Click the first photo in the gallery below (the cover of the calendar), then click the 'Buy Photo' button to purchase your 2020 calendar.

 -  SmugMug will say you are purchasing a 'Single Photo Download.' This is nominal. This site is simply acting as an interface to accept payment.

-  If your shipping address is different than your billing address, please contact me via email ASAP to clarify your desired shipping address. Otherwise, I will assume the billing address you entered is where you want the calendar shipped. This is a SmugMug limitation; apologies for any inconvenience.

-  I then will place an order for your calendar via my calendar provider. Orders will be placed within 24 hours, and shipping takes 2-5 business days from there.

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