Spaceflight Prints - John Kraus Photos

Please read the entirety of this page before proceeding.

Regarding cropping: You are given the freedom to crop images before they are printed, but I will have a brief proof period to inspect and approve the crop before sending the order off to the printer. If your desired print size requires a change in aspect ratio, you are welcome to reposition the framing as desired. If an important element of the photo is cut out upon changing aspect ratios, feel free to adjust the framing to include said element.

However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND RESIZING your frame as to ensure image quality remains high when printed. Ex: If a rocket takes up a small portion of the frame, do not "zoom in" and resize your crop to solely include the rocket, as I can not guarantee the image will be sharp.

Watermarks are not present on your final print.

View a large selection of photos below; but keep in mind, you can also order prints of photos from the Portfolio section at the front of my site, as well as from my Launch Galleries section, too.

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